Two writers blogging. Weird, huh?

This is our space to share musings from our marriage in progress. Think of it as a reality TV show but in internet form and without drink throwing and hair pulling. We plan to divulge just enough of our lessons, views and opinions so that the world can get to know us as we get to know ourselves as a couple, but without revealing every single detail as some things are better left between us.

There will also be chatter about general love and relationship stuff as it relates to pop culture. Our goal is to strengthen our bond as we defy the stereotypes that black people don’t get married and that black men and women are trifling louts who just can’t seem to get it together.

How We Met

It was a dark and stormy night… No, really. Although we had known each other professionally via email and brief phone conversations, we didn’t actually meet until a mutual friend’s birthday party that occurred on a dark and stormy night.

Already seated inside, he saw her walk by the window and five years later the image is still etched in his memory. “I remember her wearing a long denim skirt and form-fitting top,” he says. “When she entered the room and made her way to where I was sitting we immediately hit it off. Although I was definitely attracted to her, I kept it cordial because I knew she was in a relationship at the time due to her MySpace status. Wow, remember MySpace?”

Both journalists, we maintained a professional relationship that revolved around bumping into each other at industry events and trading contacts and resources. After her relationship dissolved, we wound up hanging out more and eventually started dating… Until we didn’t.

Then, we wound up working together at the same company… Until we didn’t.

Laid off on the same day we helped each other out with freelance opportunities and resources. The renewed contact led to old sparks flaring back up. Eventually we started hanging out quite frequently in a non-titled relationship… Until we didn’t.

Not wanting to proceed in limbo (again), he asked her to be his girlfriend in September 2009 and they’ve been inseparable ever since. Then, after two years together, he popped the question and she said, “Yes, duh!”