Bridezillas x Why Men Love Witches x But Also You Too

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Bridezillas x Why Men Love Witches x But Also You Too

Bridezillas x Why Men Love Witches x But Also You Too

One of the most entertaining shows on TV is Bridezillas. I watch, can’t turn away, cringe and wonder why anyone would marry these women. I used to explain this phenomenon to myself by believing that there’s some type of witchy mojo that these women possess that makes these men get sprung and turn into mindless zombies. That’s actually kind of true, but it’s more complicated than that.

I thought about this as I watched last night’s episode, which featured Natalie Nunn, of Bad Girls Club notoriety, trying to make another attempt at grasping for fame. What’s interesting is that I interviewed Natalie Nunn a few years ago when she made her Bad Girls Club debut and she was very nice. It was disingenuous niceness but I could tell that there was a normal, non-attention whoring human being in there. So, my point is that even the witchiest women in the world have redeeming qualities unless they’re sociopaths.

About a year after said first interview with Natalie Nunn, Mr. Rocque and I were guests on a radio show and we happened to bump into Natalie Nunn and some of her crew who I guess were being interviewed for another show for the same station. That night she was “on.” ┬áMe and the woman who hosted the show I was there for felt the awkward vibe–you know, that sort of female look you up and down type of bullshit. However, said host and I approached Natalie anyway and asked for her card, for possible future interview opportunities becuase as entertainment journalists, you never know.

Hubby was standing in the background while this interaction was going on and he later told me that he was avoiding Natalie Nunn because he didn’t want to get caught up in her spell. He was partially joking, but he admitted that despite the horrible personality put forth to the public, he still found her attractive. I felt a tinge of jealousy at first but then I snapped out of it with the sobering thought that he and I are a couple and that he’s obviously attracted to me for different reasons.

So, there’s my little bit of wisdom. Men do like witches, but that doesn’t mean you have to act like one to attract them, which is a common misconception. Be yourself and you will attract a man who will appreciate you for you. He might ocassionally be attracted to women who are nothing like you but it means nothing becuase attraction isn’t black and white. So, don’t sweat the small stuff.

P.S. I love the shade offered up from the Bridezillas writers. The narratives about these women’s delusions of grandeur are hilarious!

–Mrs. Rocque

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