Single Douchery: The StarbucksDrakeHands Edition

[ 0 ] October 9, 2013 |

StarbucksDrakehands Guy SelfieSome people are single by choice and others are single because they’re probably self-absorbed, obnoxious, narcissistic or all of the above plus also in denial douchebags. Enter the case of the #StarbucksDrakeHands Hashtag.

See, what had happened according to the Huffington Post and Instagram was…

The man you see in the pic above met a woman in Starbucks and asked for her number. She says she reluctantly gave him her number. Soon afterward, he sent her the following video selfie featuring Drake’s “Hold on We’re Going Home” playing in the background:

The video, probably intended to be cute, really came off as creepy so the object of his affection decided to send the video to a bunch of her friends for a laugh and of course, it ended up going viral on the Internets. Sending the video on her part was incredibly immature and bitchy but then again it’s a free for all when you go around sending selfies to people you don’t even know so they could both probably use a bit of dating in the digital age etiquette but I digress. At least it wasn’t naked photos.

The funniest thing about all of this is that various news outlets jumped on the coverage wagon and people in general started making their own parodies of the selfie gone wrong. One of those people was my boy Carlos (Mama, we made it! lol):

All the best videos (including Carlos’) can be spied on this epic #StarbucksDrakeHands Instagram page. Go there and die of laughter.  The internet has absolutely no chill.

One more for the road because this cat is not amused.

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